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The Company / Management
ENVIRO-FUEL LTD is a Zambian manufacturing company dedicated to the development of earth-friendly energy solutions for a cleaner environment in Africa. We recognise the rapidly changing global environment with increased greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change will further reduce access to drinking water, negatively influence the health of poor people, and pose a real threat to food security in Africa.
We are producers of a premium grade renewable diesel blend with the use of environmentally friendly technologies. The company is built on decades of research and have a detailed knowledge and understanding of biofuel production and blending. We contribute to job creation and the sustainable development of rural communities by encouraging energy crops and the creation of Agra- industries maintaining levels of work and income.
The company’s management philosophy is based on responsibility, mutual respect and entrepreneurial creativity. We are committed to contribute to the social and economic development and to safeguard the environment. Members of the Company are seasoned chemical engineers and accountants with over 40 years’ experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.
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Our Challenge
Manual Oilseed Pressing
Government visit to plant
Despite having huge comparative advantages in the land, labour and good climatic conditions for growing energy crops, SADC countries are hampered by the lack of a partcular policy on biofuels. The biofuels industry is a catalyst for economic growth, poverty alleviation and security of energy supply. Political commitment and government support are imperative, as nowhere in the world a successful biofuel industry has been confirmed without Government assistance. Biofuel production depends on how functional Government policy is to jump-start the much-needed industry.

You can email us on: admin@enviro-fuel.com